Become a sponsor for Hinksey Park Football Club

Our Club, recognised by the FA through the award of its Charter Standard, works hard to give local children the opportunity to play football, with all the social and health advantages this brings to them and to the community. As a sponsor, you can be a part of this.

We're looking for sponsorship for a number of our teams. These teams play in the Oxford Mail Youth Football League and the Oxfordshire Invitation Youth League, competing against other clubs from Oxford city and across Oxfordshire. It's a great marketing opportunity for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

As a sponsor, you'll benefit from:

  • Your business name/logo on the strip, worn for at least two seasons
  • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship on this website, with a link to your website
  • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship on the club-wide e-mails sent to players’ parents (100+) with news and results
  • Opportunities to show your support of the Club in your own publicity material
  • Knowing you're supporting your local community!

If you'd like to sponsor us or just talk, email

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