Our History


The first seeds of Hinksey Park Football Club began in 2000/01 when a few lads and dads, who had been having informal kick-abouts down at Hinksey Park, started organising some mixed age group friendlies. Eager to bring football to the community, Hinksey Park Football Club was formed in 2002 as the “Hinksey Park Intergalatic Warriors.” The club was co-founded by Danny Carrick (Chairman) and [???] with support from Mick Foley, Eddi Bjarnason and others from the South Oxford community. Our initial sponsor was the Mediterranean Fish Bar on Abingdon Road.

We played our first competitive league matches in the 2002-03 season of the Oxford Mail Boys League (OMBL). That first season saw 3 teams take to the field in the Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 age groups. We played our matches at Hinksey Park, where our current Under 6s still play. The club colours of red and black were designed on AC Milan, who were playing the best football in Europe at the time (and would go on to win the Champions League that same season.)

By 2004/05 we had five teams playing in the OMBFL and a membership of 65.

The following year, 2005/06, was a monumental year for Hinksey Park Football Club. We had our first 11 a-side team and with the help of Bob Price, we managed to get the Council to mark up an 11-a-side pitch on Grandpont Recreation Ground for the first time. Later that season they also marked up a 7-a-side pitch, due to the wear-and -tear on the Hinksey Park pitches and our future home of Grandpont Recreation Ground was born. This was also the year that a group of boys joining our Under 6s would be the first to make it all the way through the Club to Under 18s.

In 2008/09 we set up our first club web site and in the following year, 2010, we completed our agreement to use the County Council car park on Whitehouse Road.

During an extraordinary general meeting in January 2010, we officially changed our name to Hinksey Park Football Club. In the minutes of the meeting it states that it was thought that "the ‘Intergalatic Warriors’ element of the Club’s name could be a hindrance to the Club’s chances of obtaining funding for sporting facilities on the Rec. It appeared during the discussion that there is a sizeable proportion of the players who do not like the name."

Under our new name in 2010/11, we were a club with 9 teams including our first team competing in the Oxfordshire Invitation Youth League. As a result of the progress and organisation of the club, we successfully applied and were accepted as a Charter Standard club in 2011.

After many years of hard work, in July 2014 the opening of the pavilion at Grandpont Recreation Ground firmly established our spiritual home and fortress. It was opened by Callum O'Dowda, an Irish International footballer who now plays for Bristol City in the Championship. (https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11507651.hinksey-park-fc-puts-new-clubhouse-to-the-test/)

By the 2014/15 season, we had expanded to 160 players and 14 teams up to Under 17s, including a bulging crop of young Under 6s that would go on to create 3 teams in that age group.

In 2016 we started up our first Hinksey Park FC girls only team in the Oxford Mail Girls Football League, expanding the opportunity for girls in the community to get involved in football.