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Welcome to the membership page for Hinksey Park Football Club members.  Below you will find all the details to complete your membership for your child in 2019-20. 

Conditions of Membership

As a member of Hinksey Park Football Club you are committing to the conditions of membership.  The full conditions of membership are located on the club website here.

Annual membership fees for season 2019-20

Annual membership fees will remain the same as last season.

  • Under 7s and above age groups - £90

  • Under 6s and below age groups - £35

Payment is due upon membership application.

Completing your Membership for 2019-20

STEP 1: Your child will need a FAN number to complete membership.  All children who played in the Oxfordshire Youth Football Leagues last season for any club will have a FAN number.  Your FAN number will be located on the top of your automated membership renewal form.  You can also retrieve your FAN number through the FA website at  https://secure.thefa.com/fan/RetrieveFANDetails.aspx.  If you are sure you don't have a FAN number, then you can create one at https://www.thefa.com/account/signup

STEP 2: You have two options to complete your Hinksey Park Football Club membership ONLINE or MANUAL


To use online membership, select one of the following options. You will be re-directed to an external site for membership consent and payment. Payment options include credit/debit cards or paypal.

Your child has registered with Hinksey Park FC previously and has a FAN Number

Your child is new to Hinksey Park FC and has a FAN number


1. Print out a blank membership form here
2. Complete the details and sign the form as consent to membership
3. To make your membership payment, either:
    a. Make cheque payable to 'Hinksey Park Football Club', or
    b. Pay through bank transfer to Hinksey Park Football Club:

  • Sort code 30-96-35

  • Account number 02995232

  • Please include the FAN Number in your reference

4. Return your signed form and cheque (if applicable) to your team manager


We thank you for your continued contribution to our fabulous club

Hinksey Park Football Club Committee