Conditions of Membership


As a member of Hinksey park football club you are committing to the following…

* Abiding by the code of conduct for parents and spectators as outlined below and on the Club website.

* Agreeing for the Club to take photos or videos of the team or individuals in it.  We adhere to the FA Guidelines to ensure that these are safe and respectful and solely for the purposes for which they are intended, which is promotion and celebration of club activities and for training purposes.

* Being responsible for travel arrangements to collect and return children to specific pick up points. The Club's responsibility stops and starts at these points. Children playing for the Under 11s and younger teams are not permitted to travel unaccompanied.

* Agreeing that you will not at any time leave your child unattended and if you nominate an appropriate adult, such adult will be advised to the team manager.  You must be present for children playing for the under 11s and younger age groups.      The Club takes no parental responsibility for the children during training sessions or on match days. Our Parental Supervision Policy is available on the Club website. 

* Agreeing that your child is not automatically entitled to play in any competitive football as entered by the club. Team selection is by the Team Manager only and their decision is final

* Agreeing to be bound by and to observe the club rules and the rules and regulations of the F.A. Ltd and County FA and all competitions in which the club participates

* Settling all financial liabilities with any other club, League and, or the FA (including the return of any kit or equipment)

* Agreeing that in the event that your child is injured whilst training / playing football / travelling to and from football matches and I cannot be contacted, your child can receive medical attention and grant permission for a qualified member of the coaching staff to provide emergency 1st aid if required.

* Notifying the Club of any health/medication issues relevant to your child

* Properly equipping your child with boots with studs, shin pads and a waterproof jacket when appropriate.  They should have a drink and snack and bring sunblock in summer to training sessions and matches.

* Maintaining good conditions of club shirts, shorts and socks. Club shirts, shorts and socks remain the property of the Club. They should only be worn for Club matches and not at training sessions or other times.  If any of the kit is lost or damaged (where this is not reasonable wear and tear) then the parent or guardian will be expected to replace the item with a new one of a type specified by the Club.

* Agreeing for Hinksey Park Football Club to hold the necessary information and data on parents, guardians and children for the purposes of maintaining and operating a football club.