Member FAQs


The following FAQs relate to children in age groups up to and including U11s.  

Q1. I live in Marlborough Road and it is usual to let my son walk to the Rec alone & unaccompanied to play after school during the week. So I presume this is okay for football training too?

No it is not because football is an official activity and as such we have to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children. The coaches cannot be expected to be solely responsible for your son when they are trying to coach the players.

Q2. I normally drive 4 children to St Gregs training every week and remain in the car to read the newspaper. The pitches are not visible from the car park. Is this okay?

If you are driving 4 children you are responsible for their safety and wellbeing and you cannot monitor this when you cannot even see them.

Q3. I drop my child off at Hinksey Park and then go swimming during the football session. I then collect him afterwards, is this satisfactory? Do i need to tell someone?

Your child cannot be left alone. If you are going swimming then you need to find another parent who is happy to take responsibility for your child.

Q4. Do you expect me to email the manager every week with the person who I have nominated to act as a responsible adult as I never attend training myself?

If there is one designated person who is always responsible for your son and the coach knows who that person is then there is no need to repeat this each week. However, if the arrangements change or if the person responsible changes each week then yes you will have to inform the coach.

Q5. Do you expect every child to have one of their parents watching from the sidelines every match & training session?

Every child must have a responsible and designated adult watching from the sidelines every match and training session. Whilst we would encourage parents to always be present this of course is not always possible.

Q6. I am a Hinksey Park manager and I never know which adult collects which child from training. What do I do to get more control?

It is not your responsibility to see which adult picks up each child. However, if you have an issue of unsupervised children you could put in place a register where every child signs in and names the adult who is responsible for them.

Q7. If a child arrives unaccompanied on his own at the start of training, what am I expected to do?

Do not let them play or train. If possible contact parents by phone or see if another parent is willing to take responsibility for the child. Afterwards it needs to be made clear to the parent that they cannot send their child unaccompanied.

Q8. My son is mature enough to cycle to and from football sessions alone. He does this for his trumpet lessons. Can I sign a testimony that I take full responsibility for permitting this to happen?

No, this is not the same situation. When he goes for his trumpet lesson there are not the same issues e.g. risk of injury, problems of supervision etc. Also, your trumpet teacher would phone you if your son had not arrived – our coaches cannot be expected to phone all parents of children who have not turned up.